Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15

In order to protect the privacy of those that write to us,

the names, dates and places have been changed

Dear Nechama,

I want to thank you for making our Pesach so delicious. I made the chicken provencal for the seder. Amazing. We made the herbed schnitzel recipe for the last days plus the fennel orange salad. My mother had type 2 diabetes and lived with us for the last 3 1/2 years of her life. As a result I am very conscious of sugar and fats and try to be careful when choosing recipes. You've enhanced my menus tremendously.
Pesach 2007

Rabbi A, NY

Good morning - my name is Rabbi A and I live in upstate NY -
One of my students was just diagnosed with diabetes and came to me to
discuss Pesach - I searched on-line and came across your website which
looks TERRIFIC and is a HUGE plus - I downloaded the Pesach guide - his
father was concerned that many of the Kosher for Pesach food products do
NOT have Carbs listed (as typical all year products do) and he was
concerned that this is so new to them how they would be able to do it...
The work that JDA is doing through the wonderful recently released book, magazine, the website and all that this organization is doing is a lifesaver for thousands of people that till JDA came along would not know how to get through such an important time in Jewish life—we hope you realize how many lives you are touching
Tizku L’mitvos and laasos, keep up the GREAT work and Chag Kasher VeSameach
Rabbi A………

From Mrs. Chana Canada

I'm writing to explain what the Jewish Diabetes Association has meant to me,

and to give my impressions of the crucial gaps which are begging to be


My daughter, now 16 years old, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at the age

of 9. Since then, she has struggled. Although the hospitals faithfully

tracked her hemoglobin as it skyrocketed, they did not have the ability to

tune in to my daughter. We changed doctors again and again, but the result

stayed the same - dangerously high glucose levels.

Our chancing upon Nechama Cohen was somewhat miraculous.

JDA has given our family the feeling that we are not alone, and

my daughter the confidence and will to gain control over her life. Their

ssistance comes in many forms including technical expertise, counseling (I

don't know where they get the time and energy for all this!) and the

periodic meetings - which, in addition to the excellent speakers, provide a

sense of community and a feeling that you're not alone.

There are so many people that need this service and this organization should be supported to fullest

Perhaps it is the shroud of secrecy, the sense of shame, or the concern

about shidduchim that is preventing people from coming to the assistance of this vital organization. Those of us, however, who understand how vital its growth is, must rally to its support.

From a Mother in Upstate NY that was able to take part in a meeting on speaker phone, just a short time after her very young daughter was diagnosed

Hi Nechama,

I want to thank you so much for going out of your way and give me the

opportunity to participate on your meeting this past Sunday. I learned a

lot, reviewed and reinforced a lot, and it was productive. What you do has no

words to be thanked for, may HaShem bench you and your family with all the

best. It is great to be part of a support heimishe group that acknowledges

all matters combining it with the way we live. Thanks a lot, may we

hear good news from eretz isroel, may moshiach come now!

Thanks, Rachel

Dear Mrs. Cohen

When our son, Moshe was diagnosed at the age of four with type

I diabetes, we were in shock. We had no idea what this meant for him in

the short term and the long term. We looked for information all over,

reading everything we could find about how to handle this new

development in our lives. We also spoke to our friends and neighbors to

find other families with a similar situation so that we could compare

notes and commiserate. Over and over again, we were told, "Call Nechama

Cohen. "

Nechama, you called us back and spoke to us at length. After that first

conversation, we knew we had found what we were looking for-a support

group for Jewish people with diabetes, which would address our concerns

and help us find solutions to the sometimes unique problems that we were

facing. When we came to our first meeting, we were amazed to see that

we were far from alone. Here were many other families, all willing and

ready and eager to share information about diabetes. What do you do on

Purim? How do you handle the Seder? Can my child still have apples and

honey on Rosh Hashanah? How will my child find a shidduch?

You know exactly what my son goes through every

day, even more than we do. The support groups for the boys and girls

and the lectures for the parents and the adults with diabetes are

wonderful. We look forward to them and make a special effort to attend

from New Jersey. We especially enjoyed the chizuk of Rabbi Dovid

Goldwasser, and look forward to future meetings with anticipation. The

dedication that you put in to the Jewish Diabetes Association

is truly a great chesed to all of us. We just wanted to take this

opportunity to express our appreciation to you. May Hashem give

you the strength and health to continue your work until it is no longer



the Weisses Passaic NJ

My name is Yochanan and I've been an insulin dependant diabetic for

Over 40 years (since age two). I have been using the insulin pump for

The last 19 1/2 years.

Up until this list I had never met another frum type I diabetic that I could

talk/write to. I had met a few type IIs (who were in bad shape medically)

but I couldn't really communicate with them.

When I signed onto this list I found I had friends with a similar problem. This was the first time I could ask questions about pumping and Halachah, blood sugar testing and Halachah and other important topics of concern to a Jewish diabetic.

I have belonged to a few support groups in the past, and am active in the

Insulin Pumpers group, but I find that while these groups cover some of the

diabetes and control related topics none of them have made any attempt to

help a person help himself.

The one really great thing about this group is that there are mentors 'on

staff' available to help you in time of question or need. There are people

who have 'been through it' who can help others out and there are those who

have been through it and can offer an ear on complications.

There is also a great system for getting spouses of diabetics in touch with

each other. My wife really has had no one to talk to on any of the diabetes

issues (whether Jewish related or not) and looks forward to speaking to

some of the wives of longer term type one diabetics.

There are numbers of issues involved with both long and short term diabetes

that are very personal and very involved and they of course are best dealt

with within a frum group of similar minded people. Questions of shidduchim,

ability to have children, ability to hold down a job and support a family,

ability to fulfill certain Halachic requirements all are dealt with within

the forum and within the meetings.

The chance to expand this service and get meetings to happen more often and

get more people involved (and possibly get chapters started in other cities)

would be a great step forward for all of us.

Thank you for your interest and concern.

Yochanan Lakewood NJ

When Shulamit my 12-year-old daughter, was diagnosed with Type-1

diabetes in September of 1995 we got lots of unsolicited advice. Everyone

knew a neighbor, an aunt, a grandmother's friend's granddaughter, a

cleaning woman, etc. who had diabetes. ("Call so-and-so, her son has

diabetes and she can really help you.") Everyone seemed to know

better than us what to do and what not to do ("You know that she

can never eat sugar anymore!"). It was very overwhelming - so many

people. Whom to call first?

Then, we heard of Nechama Cohen who headed a

support group for Jewish diabetics. Although at first I was hesitant

to make yet another

"Hi-my-daughter-has-just-been-diagnosed-with-diabetes" phone call, I

figured this was a good bet, as I would be networking with a large

group as opposed to individuals.

I called Nechama, and thus began our connection with JDA. Although

Shulamit’s doctor and CDE (certified diabetes educator) were extremely

competent and helpful, there was something to be said for being

affiliated with a JEWISH diabetes support group. For some reason, it

lessened the pain knowing that there were other members of Achainu

B'nei Yisroel who were dealing with the same condition.

A couple of months after her diagnosis, we drove down all the way

from Montreal to Brooklyn to attend our first JDA meeting. What a

meeting! So many parents and children gathered under one roof to

support, to connect, and to learn - with such unity and caring. With

their expertise, Nechama and the children's leaders chaired

that meeting and imparted some of their wealth of wisdom to all who


We drove back to Montreal on such a high! Although we had an

exhausting trip, we were so happy that we had decided to attend.

Recently, we attended another JDA meeting. This time, we organized a

small delegation to come from Montreal, renting a van and hiring

ourselves a driver for the occasion.

The location of the meeting had been changed to a school building to

accommodate the ever-growing JDA membership, reflecting the amazing

work and outreach that JDA has accomplished. We sat mesmerized

throughout the entire meeting, listening to the speakers who spoke

about all kinds of relevant medical and social issues. Afterwards,

parents and children had the chance to mingle and meet with others.

I could go on and on extolling the virtues of JDA, its founder and

organizers, however I am constrained by time and space. To summarize,

JDA renders an invaluable service, by providing support to Jewish

diabetics and their families.

May the Borei Refuos grant Nechama, the children's leaders

and all other volunteers strength to continue their exemplary work.

Vechol mi she'oskim betzorchei tzibur be'emunah, HaKodosh Boruch Hu

yeshalaim sechorom, veyosir maihem kol machaloh, veyirpoh lechol

gufom... venomar omen!

Shulamit’s Mother Canada