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It is hard to believe that we have managed to pull this off before Passover. We have waited so long to be able to bring you a newsletter that will keep us all together and informed.

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Well Passover is here and as we wrote it is one of the monumental nutritional challenges of the year. We hope that this letter and the website will help everyone get through the holiday, whatever your nutritional challenge is.
Diabetes is easier to prevent than to cure. On that note-we hope that all our work will help people stay in good shape and healthy.

After the holidays we look forward to hearing from you---without your participation this newsletter will be missing a heartbeat.

In Hebrew we say Chag Kasher V'Sameiach-A Kosher and Happy Holiday-we would like to add "Chag Kasher, Barie, V'Sameiach" "A Kosher, Healthy and Happy Passover".

and the entire JDA family

Passover begins Monday April 2nd at sundown. Check the appropriate times for where you live.

The following is a list of important issues relevant to change in insulin regimens, which are necessary to accommodate the irregular schedule of Pesach. Please remember that any change in regimen should be discussed with your health care professional. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email the JDA at: jewishdiabetes@aol.com.

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For more detailed info about the matzo and wine click here and review page 10 in our Pesach magazine.

Click here for a chart listing the carb count for some of the staples used for Passover preparation.


For years you've been told what you should do. Now EnLITEned Kosher Cooking tells you how -
combining your lifestyle and your health!

In addition to our beautiful Passover section we have an additional 140 recipes for Passover.
To see our list with page numbers click here.

To purchase the book at a discount and free shipping go to www.feldheim.com


The following recipes have been family traditions for as long as I can remember. My mother, she should live and be well, instilled in us a joy for Passover, that I can proudly say has passed down to our daughters, and hopefully, will continue for generations to come. To see the recipes click here.

Exclusive to JDA readers:
I just got off the phone with my mother and she gave me a great twist on the Simple Almond Cookies. (these can be made with ground walnuts and will be lower in carbs---or try a combination)

For 2 beaten egg whites, substitute the walnuts with 1 small package (1 ¼ cups) of ground coconut that has been lightly toasted in the oven or in a non-stick frying pan. Using a wooden spoon mix in by hand. Add sugar substitute equal to 2 tablespoons sugar, a pinch of salt, 1-teaspoon vanilla extract. Refrigerate for at least half an hour. Roll in to small balls and bake in a 325° F oven for 12-15 minutes. Remove when still warm and cool on a rack. (Optional variation- you can roll the cookies in the toasted coconut before baking)

100 grams 1 ¼ cup ground coconut has the following nutrition facts:
kcal- 637
Protein- 7 gr.
Carbohydrates- 15 gr
Dietary fiber- 11 gr. (check with your nutritionist-there are those that deduct the fiber from the carb countleaving only 4 gr. of carbs per package)
Fat- 65gr.
Sodium- 45 mg.


Divide these by the amount of cookies—we recommend making small cookies, which should yield at least 15-20 pieces. The fat content is high so these should be special treats---BUT FOR COCONUT LOVERS THEY DO HIT THE SPOT!

There are many more wonderful recipes in our EnLITEned Kosher Cooking Passover section starting at page 356 and throughout the book.

Please let us know how you did with these recipes and what you would like to see in the future.


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