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It is wonderful to be resuming our newsletters and looking forward to updating all of you on many important issues.

Many of you might have heard that over the Succos holiday our Brooklyn office was wiped out due to a fire. We are working very hard to keep things rolling smoothly and resume as many functions in the tri state area and beyond as possible. Of course we can use all the help that we can get!

Please note our new contact info:
Rings in Israel: 718-303-5955
Israel cell: 011-972-52-763-1500

2064 East 35th Street Brooklyn, NY 11234
For info about our upcoming auction and/or order tickets or raffles for the Israel trip, call:
718-338-6344    Fax 718-375-6125

We are also proud to announce the opening of our Silver Spring chapter with the first meeting on November 18th. (See web site for details in the events section). We are looking forward to the opening of many more needed JDA chapters.

Please join us together with your friends and family at our first major get together, this Motzoei Shabbos, November 10th in Brooklyn (details below).

This event was initiated by a young girl, Devorah Waiss (see her letter below) and a few determined and talented women that recognized the great need within the community for the work that JDA is doing. Only HaShem can repay them the chessed that they have undertaken, and all those that have worked to make this happen

We hope you have a grand time at this Melave Malka/Chinese Auction that will be packed with fun and surprises. But more important will be the information that you will be passing on to JDA so that we can know how to fulfill the needs of the community to the maximum.

Always waiting to hear from you

and the entire JDA family

Join the Jewish Diabetes Association
For a “Magical Evening”
November 10, 2007
8:30 PM
Young Israel of Midwood
1694 Ocean Avenue
Brooklyn, NY
Entertainment Featuring Renowned Magician & Mentalist DAVID BLATT,
Delicious Nutritional Buffet, Chinese Auction & More!!

Click Here for our order form

General Admission $18.00

(Children Under 18 $15.00)


$54.00 entitles you 15 $5.00 raffle chances

$72.00 entitles you 15 $5.00 raffle chances & 2 admission tickets


Early Bird Package until Friday, Nov. 9, 2007

Call Feige (718) 338-6344 or Ethel 718-375-6096 (after 7PM)

Your $72.00 Donation Entitles You To:

15 $5.00 raffle Chances

2 admissions

1 Israel raffle

1 Jackpot Ticket (a chance to win in each box)


This is a letter from Devora Waiss as seen in TV Vues.

Hi! I am Devora Waiss and I am 11 ½ years old. In my house I always grew up with my parents telling me that I can’t have a Bat Mitzvah party unless I do a Chesed project. Well, I turned eleven and I knew I had to pick a Chesed organization. I searched and I found (JDA) Jewish Diabetes Association. I asked my mother about the JDA and she told me about the organization. It was perfect. Since 1985, the JDA has been helping Jewish people with diabetes financially, emotionally and physically. They need our help!

Putting together this event is hard work. But B”H my friends and I from various schools in Brooklyn have joined together to bring a magical evening to you, on November 10, 2007 @ 8:30PM featuring magician & mentalist David Blatt, a delicious nutritional buffet by Burtolucci restaurant with special dishes from the “EnLitened Kosher Cooking” cookbook, and a Chinese auction in The Young Israel of Midwood 1694 Ocean Avenue. Brooklyn, NY. For more information please call Feige 718-338-6344 or call me 718-375-6096.

I look forward seeing all of you.

Tizku L’Mitzvos,

Devora Waiss


For years you've been told what you should do. Now EnLITEned Kosher Cooking tells you how to
combine your lifestyle and good health!

We would like to welcome the professionals and contributors that have
recently joined the JDA family

Dr. Dan Lender MD
Dr. Gedaliah M. Stern DDS
Nancy Glaser MS RD CDE
Daniel Sklare PHD.
Mark Bernstein

Please go to Meet Our Professionals to see the BIOS for our new and already existing partners in care.


We are now featured on AOL About.com.
You are welcome to visit there for more recipes!


An easy way to google without losing anything and helping us in a small way is to do your google searches through goodsearch. Goodsearch.com donates a penny for every search to the charity of your choice: just go to www.goodsearch.com and sign up once by putting in Jewish Diabetes Association as the charity, keep the icon in your toolbar for future searches and that's it, no pain and a lot of gain---you get a mitzvah each time and you have a nice way of saying thank you to JDA

We are looking forward to hearing your comments and sharing your tips and experiences with others and us.
Send your submissions to editor@jewishdiabetes.org

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