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Treating Low BG Blood sugars & sweeteners for Pesach/Passover 

Many of you have been asking us about treating low BG blood sugars on Pesach/Passover.

As far as we know, there are no glucose tablets that are certified kosher for Pesach -winkies and/or Rockets which we have been recommending for more than 20 years are kitniyos and we do not know if they have kosher certification for Pesach.

 Our recommendations:

 Look for candies that do not have many ingredients after the sugar or glucose that will slow them down e.g

v      Marshmallows

v      Meringue cookies

v      Grape juice in small amounts

v      Milk products are great for raising BG

Most ready-made products for Pesach are very high in sugar it is therefore important to watch the portion sizes since it is easy to lose control.

SWEETENERS sugar substitutes:

There are a few sweeteners certified Kosher for Passover but many are for kitniyos eaters, mostly because the dextrose is kitniyos

 There are packets available that are not kitniyos and in Israel, a liquid called diet tip is excellent but not available in the states.

We recommend using a combination of the few things available until you get to the taste that you like. 

Most recipes call for too much sugar to begin with.  In all recipes, you can cut down the amount of sugar you are using by even a third, and using mostly powdered sugar since it is aerated and you will end up using less regular sugar.

You can add sugar substitutes using the packets and liquid available in Israel or whatever you have available. Until you get the sweetness that, you like.  Lemon juice in most recipes will help a bit in covering up the after taste of sugar substitutes.

We would love to hear some of your suggestions and so would others!

Chag Kasher, Barie VeSameiach happy, kosher and healthy holiday!

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