Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15

We at the JDA regard our mission as a Mitzvah (good deed). We thank you for your willingness to be a part of this important work and are grateful for your generosity.
. “…From Every Person Whose Heart Inspires Him To Generosity, You Shall Take My Offering” (Exodus, chap. 25)

Your donation is tax deductible
We do encourage you to become a registered member of the JDA. There is no membership fee but we would appreciate it if you filled out an application form, sharing diabetes related information with us.

As a member we will be happy to supply you with up to date information on all diabetes related issues in general, and about issues that are typical and relevant to the Jewish community in particular.
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On submitting this form you will be redirected to paypal to make your payment. Alternatively, Please make checks or money orders payable to Jewish Diabetes Association. Your donation can be mailed to our Brooklyn office

1122 East 14th Street
Brooklyn NY, 11230

Should you choose to dedicate your donation in memory of a loved one or in honor of someone dear to you, we will gladly send a certificate to commemorate the donation, with your receipt.