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This was sent to us by a devoted friend to JDA Daniel A. Sklare, PhDit is an honor for us to have him on our team.  HaShem should give him and his wife the koach (strength) to continue with all their good work

HKBH Makdim Refuah LaMakah (G-D sends the remedy before the calamity)

R Steiplers Sefer Chayai Olam (Chelek Bais, Perek Vav part 2 chapter 6)

Take heart seek solace
Do not fall forlorn into despair
For every calamity (Tzara) befalling one
A remedy is waiting
If to recognize it one merits.

In addition to being a Gaon Olam (great learned scholar), the Steipler Ztl, like his brother-in-law, the Chazon Ish, Ztl, were known for their very poetic abilities.

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them
    Brendan Francis


It is time to accept the challenges bestowed upon us and move forward, not in spite of them, but with them and the strength they add to our lives
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