Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15


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Partner with JDA (Jewish Diabetes Association) in our fight against diabetes and make a difference for millions worldwide who want to make a change and live productive and healthy lives.

We at JDA are dedicated to help all people live a full and healthy life.

It is often thought that living a Jewish lifestyle means living an unhealthy lifestyle. THAT'S NOT TRUE--We have a holiday almost every two months and Sabbath every week

We can and are obligated to have enjoyable and healthy mealtimes.

JDA (Jewish Diabetes Association) leads the fight against the deadly consequences of uncontrolled diabetes especially when coupled with a Jewish lifestyle.

JDA strives to help those affected by diabetes and/or at risk of developing diabetes.

JDA delivers services to hundreds of communities.

JDA provides objective and credible information.

JDA gives voice to those denied their rights because of diabetes.

The JDA (Jewish Diabetes Association) is the nation's first and leading Jewish non-profit, non-sectarian health organization devoted to diabetes education and advocacy.

Founded in 1985, the JDA has various projects reaching hundreds of communities both in the United States and Internationally. We are the only organization offering all our services (website, magazine, contact persons etc) in Both English and Hebrew.

Our mission is to spread the awareness of the need and possibility of the prevention and optimal control of diabetes and to help improve the lives of all people affected by diabetes, and those at risk to help prevent diabetes before it hits. We have a strong focus on the correlation between obesity, diabetes and other diabetes health related issues, especially coupled with a Jewish lifestyle.

Any help that you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks again! Nechama.

Contact at: nechama@jewishdiabetes.org