Take Very Good
Care of YourselvesDeuteronomy 4:15



JDA (Jewish Diabetes Association), a 501c3 established in 1986, is a New York based organization that works quietly to help patients, worldwide, young and old, regardless of religious affiliation, with the control and prevention of all types of Diabetes and related health issues. †

Type 2 diabetes†is the fourth major cause of death in the United States and has been declared pan-epidemic by the United Nations and will soon affect every third person worldwide.† This devastating condition can be prevented. Awareness of the control and prevention of this condition is vital and what JDA works so hard at. In recent studies, it has been found that almost every family in the world is affected by this condition. Undetected or uncontrolled diabetes can contribute to heart disease, kidney failure, loss of limbs, gangrene, blindness, etc. †

Unfortunately, I personally have become acutely aware of the damage that uncontrolled diabetes can cause. My grandmother, may she rest in peace, recently died after having both of her legs amputated. The last few years of her life were filled with constant pain and suffering. She barely left her apartment except to go three times a week for dialysis, and funny animal pictures had to be carried down a flight of stairs to the ambulance. She could not partake in the simple luxury of indulging in a cold glass of water. Itís hard to appreciate how our legs, kidneys etc... contribute to our everyday lives.

In memory of my Grandmother, I have taken the responsibility to chair this year'sannual†JDA Run for Diabetes 5K/10K for Women†this summer in RocklandLakeState Park. †The purpose of this event is to help spread awareness and raise much needed funds for JDAís 2012-2013 operating budget.

Your sponsorship and/or running will affect all aspects of our organizationís services which include ; Diabetes Awareness, Education, Support Groups, Seminars, Diabetes Advocacy, Free Medical Supply Pantry along with medical and spiritual guidance.

To sponsor and/or receive a registration packet, call 718-303-5955 Sunday Ā Thursday from 8AM-2PM or email nechama@jewishdiabetes.org