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Diabetes Conference in Rome Italy

We would like to inform all our members and readers:

We are proud sponsers of the Diabetes Inovine  International Conference.

The three day international conference held by the Inovine Scientific Meetings on July 15-17, 2019 at the Holiday Inn Rome Aurelia, Italy a European country with the theme “Latest advances in diabetes care and Education.”

Inovine Conference provides cutting edge information on diabetes care, medications and teaching strategies with an emphasis on best practice, compassion and critical thinking. The “Diabetes Conference” offers information that health care professionals are seeking to increase their overall knowledge and problem solving skills. This schedule is designed to give health care professionals an in-depth understanding about diabetes that is immediately applicable in their clinical setting.

The concepts range from basic to advanced and include strategies to motivate patients to change behaviour. We are faceing a diabetes epidemic worldwide. Over 30% of hospitalized patients have diabetes and this variety is predicted to grow.

Educating and managing diabetes is difficult, whether or not within the inpatient or patient setting. This Diabetes conference is expected to give over an informative and upbeat program which will encourage many to market excellence in diabetes care and education.

Those who attend from medical aid suppliers to seasoned diabetes care specialists, quality improvement drivers to trade newcomers, explore the newest science, technology and analysis which will  impact real change in patient safety and care.

We warmly invite you to encourage your colleagues and leading consultants in diabetes analysis, care and management to explore this opportunity.

Those joining through our organization will receive a nice discount.

For those interested please contact us, or go directly to their conference web site  https://diabetes.inovineconferences.com/

For the discount tell them you are joining through the Jewish Diabetes Association