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Chanukah, like other family and entertaining occasions does not have to mean sabotaging a healthy lifestyle. One of the most important things to always focus on is that it is not only about the food.  Chanukah should be a time of enjoyment!

There is a custom to eat fried and dairy foods on Chanukah.  This as well does not have to get us off track, as long as we know how to do it.  Here are just a few suggestions. We hope you enjoy them and we would love to hear from you!

The recipes listed below follow the traditional use of oil and dairy on Chanukah and the widely accepted accompaniment of applesauce for the latkes. Sour cream is also a great accompaniment to latkes.  A nice thick greek yogurt works just as well, without overloading on fat.

Remember that latkes can be made with almost any vegetable.  If you want the real potato feel try combining potato with another grated vegetable.  Zucchini works best as long as you drain well and squeeze out all the liquid. 

The fruit punch and Mulled Wine are wonderful winter drinks for entertaining, and the Cheese Balls are great LITE hors d'oeuvres.


Cauliflower Latkes Pancakes

Cabbage Latkes Pancakes

Fresh and Natural Applesauce

Cheese Balls

Fruit Punch

Mulled Wine

All of the following variations of latkes pancakes can be made into kugels casseroles as well.


Cauliflower Latkes Pancakes

Low Carb, Low Fat / Yield: 16 servings 

These low-carb latkes are delicious and satisfying. They&rsquore great to have around when its latke season Chanukah, so that you can avoid munching on high-carb potato latkes.


2 eggs plus 2 egg whites

1 small onion, peeled

1 2-pound package of frozen cauliflower thawed and drained very well or

1 fresh head, steamed and drained very well

2 tablespoons soy or whole-wheat flour

salt and pepper to taste

non-stick cooking spray

2 tablespoons olive oil, for frying

non-stick cooking spray


Process eggs and onion using a food processor and knife blade, until chopped well. Add cauliflower, soy or regular flour and seasonings and mix until finely chopped do not over process. Wipe a non-stick frying pan with a paper towel dipped in oil and spray the pan with non-stick cooking spray. Put on medium heat, wait until hot and drop batter by tablespoonfuls into pan. Fry 4-5 minutes until firm and browned on both sides.

Tip for frying EnLITEned latkes:

With each new batch, spray the pan with nonstick cooking spray and/or wipe the pan with oil occasionally, as well. You need to be patient with these pancakes and fry them until they are firm and cooked through, or they will fall apart when flipped.


Substitute and/or combine with spinach, broccoli etc. The

Nutrition Facts are almost identical.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1 latke

2 oz

60 g

Calories 37

Protein g 2.8

Carbs g 2.5

Fat g 1.8

Sat. Fat g 0.3

Cholesterol mg 21

Sodium mg 72

Calcium mg 28

Fiber g 1

Exchanges: Free vegetable 1 Fat 1/2


Cabbage Latkes Pancakes

Low Carb, Low Fat / Yield: 10-12 servings

2 cups cabbage, finely grated

1 whole egg plus 2 egg whites

1 scallion, chopped see Tip on p. 42

2 tablespoons soy or whole-wheat flour

salt and pepper to taste

non-stick cooking spray

1 tablespoon canola oil

Place the cabbage in a 4-cup bowl. With a wooden spoon, mix in the eggs and scallion. Add flour and season to taste.

Using wet hands, form latkes and fry on both sides over medium-high heat. For frying, see Tip in previous recipe.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size 1 latke

2 oz

60 g

Calories 46

Protein g 1.6

Carbs g 2.5

Fat g 2.5

Sat. Fat g 0.4

Cholesterol mg 50

Sodium mg 28

Calcium mg 31

Fiber g 1.5

Exchanges: Free vegetable 1 Fat 1/2


Fresh and Natural Applesauce

Low Carb, Fat Free / Yield: 20 servings 

It&rsquos hard to go back to store-bought applesauce after tasting this delicious, refreshing dessert. The trick to this great dish is tea bags. Be daring and try a variety of different flavors.

10 medium Granny Smith apples, peeled and sliced into eighths

juice of half a lemon

dash of salt

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

3-4 flavored tea bags of your choice


sugar substitute, optional

Place apples in a 5-quart pot. Add lemon juice, salt, vanilla, tea bags and water, covering not more than half the apples so that the end result will not be too watery. Bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until apples are soft. Hand-blend and mash to desired consistency. For additional sweetness, you can add sugar substitute.


For crunchy fruit compote:

Bring ingredients to a boil and cook on high heat for 7 minutes. Turn off heat and cover. Let stand overnight. In the morning, put into a jar and refrigerate. This can be frozen in an airtight container.

For strawberry-rhubarb apple compote:

Add 11/2 cups of sliced strawberries and 1 cup of sliced rhubarb to the apples. Rhubarb is quite tart, so add sugar substitute according to taste. Blend well and refrigerate.

For cinnamon applesauce:

Add 1 tablespoon ground cinnamon to blended apples.

For a beautiful crimson color, as well as additional flavor and fiber, add 1-11/2 cups frozen blueberries.

Nutrition Facts

Serving size cup 1/2

2⅔ oz

80 g

Calories 34

Protein g 0.1

Carbs g 8

Fat g 0.2

Sat. Fat g 0

Cholesterol mg 0

Sodium mg 0

Calcium mg 5

Fiber g 0

Exchanges: Fruit ¾


Cheese Balls 

Carb Free, Low Fat / Yield: 17 servings

These are lovely for the holiday of Shavuos Pentecost, for anytime entertaining &ndash or just as a nice treat for yourself. A combination of the various garnishes is beautiful, satisfying, filling and low in everything. These can be served with an assortment of fresh-sliced, low-glycemic fruits and vegetables.


11/2 cups farmer cheese

1/2 cup 5 soft white cheese or low-fat ricotta well-drained

1 cup low-fat finely grated yellow cheese Muenster, cheddar etc.

1/4 cup scallions, minced see Tip on p. 42

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce see p. 271 for recipe optional

Non stick cooking spray


1 tablespoon sweet or sharp paprika

 cup minced dill

 cup minced parsley

 cup roasted nuts, coarsely chopped

 cup roasted sesame seeds

Mix all the ingredients together and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Wet hands and form the mixture into small balls and place in a pan that has been lined with wax paper and lightly sprayed with non stick spray. Refrigerate till firm. Roll in any or all of the garnishes see below To make garnishing easy we recommend placing the garnish of choice in a small round dish. Put In one ball at a time and roll around till covered. Refrigerate at least ½ hour before serving.

Serve with whole wheat crackers and/or sliced fruits and vegetables.

Can be stored refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 2 days.

It is not recommended to freeze these since they will become watery and it will change the texture.

Sweet variation:

Omit scallions. Add 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract and roll in cinnamon.


For a Chinese twist, use 1 tablespoon light soy sauce instead of the Worcestershire and roll in minced fresh ginger. Serve with Wasabi sauce and pickled ginger.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving size ball 1

1 oz

30 g

Calories 41

Protein g 5

Carbs g 0.9

Fat g 2

Sat. Fat g 1.2

Cholesterol mg 5

Sodium mg 110

Calcium mg 96

Fiber g 0

Exchanges: Medium-fat protein 1/2 

Fruit Punch 

Carb Free, Fat Free / Yield: 18 servings, 1 cup each

Call all your health-conscious friends together and even a few non-believers to prove that you can entertain using these recipes and whip up a super, satisfying spread without all the carbs and fat! Begin with this zesty punch.

2 quarts diet ginger-ale

1 quart diet orange soda

1 quart diet raspberry drink

1 orange, sliced paper-thin

1 large lemon, sliced paper thin

1 cup frozen raspberries or blueberries

1 cup sliced frozen strawberries

Mix everything together, except for fruit, in an attractive punch bowl. Add fruit. Serve in punch cups.


Place a scoop of strawberry sorbet in each cup of punch and serve immediately.


The nutrition facts are zero, except for the bit of fruit and if any of the drinks contain sodium.

Mulled Wine

Low Carb, Fat Free / Yield: 8 servings

You won&rsquot find a more relaxing drink for a cold winter night. If you have a fireplace, you can curl up near it and savor a glass of this!

1 bottle Cabernet Sauvignon

1/2-inch piece of cinnamon stick

3-4 whole allspice seeds

3-4 whole cloves

sugar substitute equal to 1/4-1/2 cup sugar

1 long piece of navel orange peel

In a 2-quart pot, combine all ingredients and heat, but do not boil, until liquid is steaming. Cover and let sit for 1 hour off the heat.

Gently reheat to steam again. Strain liquid into a 2-quart thermos bottle. Seal lid tightly. Serve steaming hot.

Nutrition Facts:

Serving size wine glass 1

3⅓ oz

100 g

Calories 79

Protein g 0

Carbs g 1.8

Fat g 0

Sat. Fat g 0

Cholesterol mg 0

Sodium mg 10

Calcium mg 0

Fiber g 0

Exchanges: fat 1 free exchange 1 


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