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Do you get hankerings for rich, creamy chocolate or super-salty, greasy chips? No matter what gets your taste buds keyed up, we have a low-calorie stand-in that can satisfy them.

The craving: salt
A yen for salty foods may have more to do with a penchant to crunch than the salt itself.
The cure: Try crispy, munchable foods, like baby carrots or bell pepper wedges, or nibble some low-fat, whole-grain pretzels.

The craving: carbs

Experts say stress can cause cravings for carbs, such as muffins and breads, which boost levels of the brain chemical serotonin and produce a feeling of calm.
The cure: Chomp on complex carbs, like whole-grain crackers or veggies, which are more tummy filling.

The craving: chocolate
Chocolate is the most commonly craved food in the U.S. Enough said.
The cure: Truthfully, the real deal is tough to replace. Sip some low-fat cocoa or plunge fresh fruit wedges into fat-free chocolate syrup.

Twenty Great Light Snacks
Do you get the mid-afternoon munchies? Snub the pricey, high-fat treats in the vending machine and stash these fast fixes in your desk or the office fridge. These snacks are great for everyone of all ages (but, says Nechama, you better hide them from the “regular people”, or there won’t be any left for you!).

1.A healthier trail mix: mixture of equal parts high fiber, low-carb Bran & regular cereal; small pretzel twists; & roasted soybeans

2.Whole-grain low-fat crackers (for low-carb use a few nuts instead) with part-skim string cheese

3.Grape tomatoes and cucumber sticks

4.A low-fat tortilla spread with fat-free bean dip

5.A caramel chocolate-chip rice cake

6.A low-fat, low-carb granola or energy bar

7.A fat-free, low-carb pudding snack

8.A small-medium fresh pear or apple with peanut butter

9.Baby carrots and red peppers with salsa

10.Celery with peanut butter

11.15 Fat free Pringles

12.Light popcorn- Watch the portion size of about 2-3 cups.

13.Avocado like Guacamole can be made with Asparagus, green beans etc (much less fat).

14.Watermellon (watch the portion size.)

15.Chocolate frozen Toffuti Teddys (6 gr. Carbs per bar) can also be used to make a delicious low fat, low carb milk shake.

16.Low fat plain yogurt with 1 package sugar free substitute, 4 sliced strawberries, vanilla extract, and some roasted almonds. Start with 1/2 a yogurt- It may be enough, and then it is really low carb.

17.Mix grated low fat cheese with roasted crushed almond. Lay out by tablespoon in toaster oven on aluminum foil. Melt till edges start to brown. Turn off oven and let cool and harden. Voila! Low carb cookies.

18.Mix together 1/2-cup low fat farmer cheese and 1 Tablespoon light sour cream. Dice 1 green scallion, 3 radishes, 3 Baby carrots, 1/4 red pepper, 1/4 yellow pepper and add to cheese. This can be used as a spread on crackers or bread, or, for fewer carbs, spread on celery or cucumbers.

19.Small red peppers filled with tuna, egg, or cheese salad.

20.Hard boil 3 eggs. Slice them in half, remove and discard yolks. (To avoid the prohibition of bal tashchis, feed them to the birds.) Fill eggs with tuna, sardines or cheese salad. Top with small piece of yellow cheese. Broil in toaster oven.

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